Artistic anatomy drawing (2h30 on Wednesdays) Winter

Atelier des loges
16+ / beginner
510 €
12 lessons of 2.5 hours on Wednesdays from 10.30 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Session 2: 04 december 2023 - 09 march 2024
Remaining seats : 0/23

Learn what’s inside the human body to better represent it. Recognise the muscles, bones and tendons visible on a body, so as to draw it accurately. Understand how the skeleton and muscles are arranged, and what movement they allow. During the first part of the course, the students will draw the models, followed by a theoretical part where they will learn about the different bones and muscles, and how to recognise them on the model. Finally, during poses, they will be invited to replace the bones and muscles, until they are able to draw a skinned model. They will also learn to combine the line of their drawing with morphological indications. As the bone and muscle structure of the human being is very similar to that of other animals, particularly mammals, parts of the course could be devoted to studying the morphology of the latter. This will enable us to see how the reference points for the human body acquired in this way can be found in other animal species.

You will need to bring your own equipment (a list will be sent to you when you register).


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* Reduced rate within the limits of the seats available at this rate and applicable on presentation of a proof of less than 3 months for job seekers. Students must present a school certificate. One price for teenage classes.


  • Elina Huneman