Drawing live model (3 hours on Monday)

Beaux-Arts de Paris
+ 16 years / all levels
612 €
12 classes of 2 hours on monday from 2pm up to 5pm


Session 3: 13 March 2023 - 19 June 2023
Remaining seats : 25/25

The course is divided into three parts of forty-five minutes during which the model poses for varying lengths of time. The teacher is attentive to each student’s work for personalized advice.
The methods recommended for accurate drawing are essentially the observation of plumb lines, triangulation and the comparison of contiguous forms.
Elements of perspective are introduced as they are useful in drawing the model in space and the various objects that accompany it.
Pupils are encouraged to use different techniques: pencils, pens, brushes, charcoal, but everyone is free to choose their tools. At the end of each hour, all the drawings are collected in a commentary session, which allows us to discover the drawings made during the time that has elapsed, to observe recurrent errors and to suggest new directions for the pupils to work in.
Sometimes constraints are formulated by the teacher in order to follow precise indications of framing, treatment and size.
Examples drawn from the history of ancient or recent art are used and commented on.

Courses are taught in French.  Material to be provided by the participant (list communicated at registration).

Break in classes during spring break from April 24 to May 08, 2023.

Practical information

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* Reduced rate within the limits of the seats available at this rate and applicable on presentation of a proof of less than 3 months for job seekers. Students must present a school certificate. One price for teenage classes.


  • Michel Gouéry
Crédit : Adrien Thibaut
Crédit : Adrien Thibault
Crédit Adrien Thibaut
Crédit Adrien Thibaut