New Amateurs Academy (NABA)

Drawing live model (3h on Saturday)

Photo Modèle Vivant 3h - Crédit photo : Adrien Thibault
Beaux-Arts de Paris
+ 16 years / all levels
612 €
12 classes of 3 hours on Saturday from 2pm up to 5pm


Session 3: 13 March 2023 - 17 June 2023
Remaining seats : 0/25

From the etymologies of anatomy (in Latin “to dissect the corpse”) and morphology (“study of forms”), we will see that there have been, throughout history, several apprehensions of the human body. We will look at the body “in life” in order to develop a contemporary approach to what is known as the “living model” practice. This course will provide a solid foundation in drawing, but no prerequisites are required.

Through observation and experimentation, we will develop an understanding of bone structures, muscle dynamics and centres of balance. We will extend these fundamental notions by reflecting on the gesture of drawing: how to restore the sensation of a living and breathing body, subject to its own physiological and biological rhythms?

How can we develop memorization techniques that allow us to retranscribe chosen body postures by imagination or “with our eyes closed”? The aim is that each person should, in the end, be free to pursue an autonomous practice and to follow the singular path of their graphic intuitions.

Courses are taught in French.  Material to be provided by the participant (list communicated at registration).

Break in classes during spring break from April 24 to May 08, 2023.

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* Reduced rate within the limits of the seats available at this rate and applicable on presentation of a proof of less than 3 months for job seekers. Students must present a school certificate.


  • Chloé Vanderstraeten
Crédit : Adrien Thibault
Crédit : Adrien Thibault
Crédit : Adrien Thibault
Crédit : Adrien Thibault