TEENS Drawing/painting: the shores of the imagination (annual courses)

Rivages de l'imaginaire
Atelier des loges
780 €
2 hours on Saturdays from 16:30 to 18:30 (annual courses)


Annual session: 23 September 2023 - 15 June 2024
Remaining seats : 0/14

The aim of this course is to open a door to a space of initiation and personal exploration, where students will be encouraged to reflect and use their imagination to invent stories, characters and worlds through their own personality and subjectivity, but also through different drawing and painting techniques.

Working on a variety of subjects, Maxime Verdier and Karla Tobon Pumarada will help young artists to create places where dreams can spring forth, where strange objects and creatures can exist, and where the world as we know it becomes a space for play, association and freedom.

The alternation of two teachers per week will enable them to have a varied approach and outlook on their work, while providing technical and theoretical support. Students will be able to delve deeper into this vast theme, exploring the vast lands of the world and the mysterious projections it can conjure up.


You will need to bring your own equipment (a list will be sent to you when you register).

Course timetable: from 23 September 2023 to 15 June 2024 over 30 sessions.
No classes during school holidays: All Saints’ Day, Christmas, Winter and Spring.


Photo credit: Zoé Bernardi

Practical information

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* Reduced rate within the limits of the seats available at this rate and applicable on presentation of a proof of less than 3 months for job seekers. Students must present a school certificate. One price for teenage classes.


  • Karla Tobon Pumarade
  • Maxime Verdier